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Writer, Director, DoP, VFX, Editing, Sound, and Photographer looking to make a figurative dent on the car that is the Film and TV industry. I've got a passion to create Short Films, Music videos, Advertisements for Web and TV. All things film essentially...

Versed in the Tech & Nerd field of life gains me the tools necessary to achieve critical and commercial excellence for your media.

Canberra Institute of Technology - 

Diploma in Screen & Media (2014)
Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media (2013)

- Video Editing, Double Major
- (Live) Outside Broadcasting, Double Major
- Lighting
- TV Studio Production

- Sound for Media
- Working in Media Industries

- Producing
- Production Managing
- Vision Switching

Radford College - 

Year 12 Certificate (2008)

- Information Technology, Major
- Business Management, Minor

- Design & Graphic Communication, Minor


And here I was... / February 25, 2014

Linked here is my first blog post, where I talk about my origins and early childhood..

I am George Tsotsos. Like so many 90s children I was raised with a healthy diet of endless amounts of TV (in fact my family was one of the first families in Canberra to get satellite subscription TV, it was known back then as ‘Galaxy’ now its called Foxtel) and Movies (so, my family also owned a private video rental store in Giralang) and Video games (for my 7th birthday my uncle got me a modded PlayStation original with 60 pirated games), so when I say I was raised on movies and TV and games I meant it literally.
— And here I was... - Blog Post Excerpt

Lighting my 'device' for Divergence

I got my start at Radford college in Canberra; when in year 9 the school opens up the elective courses such as woodshop and photography to the students. They also had an elective Media course, it was like they read my mind and then gave me a camera and said "Film".
Although the equipment was just some small Sony handycams, it was enough to capture our imaginations with film. 
Yet my passions in Tech drove me towards studying and working in IT. To me at that point it seemed almost impossible to be a film-maker, or at least one that makes money.

For some years the thought of film lingered in my heart. Till eventually I decided that almost impossible really meant that there's at leas a slim chance it IS possible.

So after some encouragement from my loved ones I started my studies of 'Media and Communication' at Canberra Institute of Technology. 

I finally got to see how a film is made from pre to post production. I learnt all about the history of film cinema, copyright, how to breakdown a script and prepare for production. Plus we had access to a quaint, yet functional and professional TV studio, lights and cameras. For some of the best hands on experience in filming for live TV in a studio environment.
We were also given the opportunity to Direct a 5 minute short film in our first semester, see Divergence my short film.

By the end of my first year I earned myself a Certificate IV in Screen and Media and a Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media.

My second year at CIT I decided to focus on making money doing what I love while I finish my studies and earn my Diploma in Screen and Media.
So for school we were tasked to Produce and Production Manage a music video, see Revolution Man music video.
I also was Cinematographer to another students MV, see Say You Will music video.
(And here's my edit)

During this I began working with the wonderful and talented Michelle Kroll from Another Happy Customer.
Creating many videos and edits for clients including Lifeline Canberra, Omania Terry, End2End Events and more.

Check out my latest updates at:-

Facebook: www.facebook.com/g.totzoz
Tumblr: ghotography.tumblr.com
Twitter: @GeorgeTsotsos